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Looking to Install System in Lake Forest/Irvine, CA Area

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First off, thanks for any input you can provide. I am relocating to Lake Forest, California, and am in the process of building a new home. I currently have an older system (not Control4) and am looking to switch to Control4 in my new home. As most of you know, finding a dealer that you trust and can build a relationship with is both important and often difficult. Can anyone recommend any Control4 dealers in this area of Southern California?

My homebuilder is contracted with KPS out of Ontario, California. They are a dealer of Control4, so I have the option of using them throughout the entire process. A second option would be to meet with a dealer that is recommended here or elsewhere and have them tell me where to have all the wires run and then have that dealer come in after the build and connect/install the equipment. The third option is to have the recommended dealer come in after the fact and wire/install from start to finish. Obviously, the last option is not ideal as no one wants holes put in their new home, so I would prefer to go with either option one or two.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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