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Sonos Auto Radio/Pandora Synchronization


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Sonos Radio-Automatic Synchronization :D

Massive Time Saver

Our Sonos driver is a great way of integrating online music within a

Control4 system. Internet Radio, SiriusXM and Pandora are three of the

most popular services. We've now made improvements to our driver that

will make a massive difference both in intial set up and on-going use

of the driver.

The big news is that now Control4 media favorites will automatically be

kept up to date with any Sonos Internet Radio Favorites or your

customer's Pandora stations. You can also import the entire SiriusXM

line up in an instant.

If you've got 5 minutes then take a look at the video of this

awesome new feature. http://youtu.be/JIfu_xEFTYw


Pandora Stations

You probably love Pandora. You can add stations using many

different Pandora devices such as Sonos or via the Pandora website.

The problem is these new favorite radio stations they add don't appear

on the favorite Radio Stations list on their Control4 system. That is

until now!

No matter how you add (or remove) a Pandora station to your account

the Control4 system will now be up-to-date within 5 minutes.

Completely automatically. You just set the driver to keep in sync and

it does the rest. You never have to use Composer ME to add or delete station.

And you will never make a mistake mis-spelling the Pandora station name.


Internet Radio Favorites

Sonos is a great way of accessing real radio stations that broadcast

across the Internet. In the past you have had to set these up on the

Sonos system and then set them up again as Control4 media favorites.

Not any more!

All you do now is set them up on the Sonos system and then as you list

them on the Control4 interface they are automatically added to the

Control4 media favorites under Radio Stations. That saves you time -

and cuts out the potential to make mistakes when re-entering the details

in Control4.

What's more if you adds a new station on your Sonos system it

will get added to the Control4 Radio Stations list the next time you

list the Radio Stations from the Sonos driver (or automatically within

24 hours).


Sirius XM Internet Radio

Did you know there are now over 230 Sirius XM radio stations available?

Did you ever set them all up on a system? That's time consuming. The

driver can now do this instantly for you, importing in all of the

SiriusXM channels into Radio Stations. If SiriusXM adds new stations

then the driver will automatically up date the list.


What's the catch?

There is no catch. You just need to be aware that if you program wake

up calls or keypad buttons to play a station and then you deletes that station

then it won't work any more. Kind of obvious but worth pointing out.

Just also be aware that when a station is deleted Director will delete the

programming - so adding the station back in doesn't re-create the programming.


Available Now!

The updated Sonos driver is available now. There is no additional software

costs for upgrading the driver but your dealer may charge for


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