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Just launched in Kickstarter, SmartThings - adding intelligence to everyday things: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smartthings/smartthings-make-your-world-smarter

From the FAQ:

Will SmartThings work with Zigbee?

The SmartThings hub does include ZigBee technology, and the SmartThings platform is designed to be compatible with many of the existing standards for home automation, smart energy and more. Within those standards, there are literally hundreds of existing sensors and devices that can work, and we will continue to certify devices for use with SmartThings.

Will SmartThings work with Z-Wave?

Our prototype hubs do not include Z-wave, but it is a standard that we are actively evaluating and plan to support assuming the reliability meets our standards. We hope that this support is in time for our December shipping dates.

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