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Large lot of dimmer switches for sale


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I have 21 Control4 Wireless Dimmer switches (LDZ-101-(Color)). These were removed from a house I am remodeling and were in perfect working order at the time of removal (July 2, 2012). The previous owner of the house was a C4 dealer/installer so everything was impeccably installed, programmed, maintained, etc. Given that I'm not a huge C4 guy, I really don't have any idea what software version these have been programmed with so I can't answer those technical questions - sorry!

Anyways, they're $90 for each. I'll ship 'em for free. Let me know if you're interested and, if so, how many.

I also have some other C4 items up for sale on ebay. Check 'em out!





(PS - the two switches off to the side in the picture are a different model and for sale on eBay - the first link posted above)

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