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Hey guys I finally went ahead and got my system installed. Its tough to know what u want without having the system in place and now that I have I'd like to fine tune things a bit.

1. I have a duel single-pole light switch, tied to the floor lights inside and front door light. is there a C4 switch for this or do I have to install a 4gang box to accommodate two c4 switches?

2. My S/O and I have hectic schedules and I thought it would be sweet if our weekly calender (Apple) appeared on the TV each morning. Is there a way to integrate the apple calender to the system?

3. The alarm system is connected to C4 system, can I have it text me each time the door is open? right now my alarm company will only do so if the door is open for more than 60sec. I would like to know when the house keeper arrives as she opens the door.

4. I only have cameras on my system (Panasonic IP cams) I would like to store video/pics during triggers. I do not have a DVR but I have an Apple Time Capsule HD that is connected to the system. Could I use this?

5. where can i get manuals for the system? I have a home in DC and have friends stay there but its tough trying to explain the system to them. (lights, Media, Security, A/V) A Manual that i can print out would be sweet. Also a manual and sample how-tos for composerHE.

6. Adding apps that are not connected to the C4 to the interface. I have a Nest thermostat and i would like to add the icon to the C4 interface on the screen. is this possible or will I have to continue doing what I'm doing and flip flopping from the C4 app and the Nest app?

7. How long do systems last and how long before I have to upgrade the whole system?

8. Could someone recommend to me a 4-zone receiver.

Other things I'd like system to do is:

- Wake up bedroom shades and lights news/weekly schedule

- Personnel entrance settings for her and I using our Key fobs

- Integration of my orbit irrigation system

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