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Mini-touch issue

All Wired Up!

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I'm at the job. I have a Ethernet MTS that won't identify... it says reconnecting in the bottom right of screen. I know Ethernet is wired correctly as a standard straight through because I used a tester on it. I have HTC and MTS run into the customers linksys router.

Any ideas?

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I'm not sure I know what "connection icon" you are talking about. First, if you haven't already, try identifying the MTS in the program (Connections then Network). If you have successfully identified it, your MTS should be working properly. Selection Info, go to Director, and then click on the Director if it shows up and select connect. If no Director shows up, you are having network issues. Select the Network tab. If you are using DHCP, select Static, and then reselect Dynamic. Press OK and usually this will try to grab an IP again. If you are using static, make sure your subnet mask is correct. For some reason it is defaulting to instead of

If none of this helps you, post back and let us know what happened.

P.S. Sorry if some of this stuff you already know. I don't mean to go over too much, but just give all the steps necessary to troubleshoot.

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