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I am still looking for an dealer/programmer who can reprogram my HC300 remotely or onsite if their in my area. I don't mind the $85/hr to program my system, but have a hard time paying the extra $170 to drive to my house when you don't even live 2hrs away to & from my house like one dealer relatively close to me wanted to charge me. The dives I have listed below need to be added to my HC300. The 3 biggest things I want programmed into my system is to be able to push watch, select satellite, and my Stereo receiver, Satellite Receiver, and my Samsung Smart TV to turn on. I want this to work on my SR-250 remote and especially the MyHome App on my Galaxy Note 3. I want the basic programming done for when I push Watch and select either my Sony ES Dvd/Blu-ray player or Apple TV. I want an remote control page to pop up on the MyHome app to control the DirecTV satellite, Sony Blu-ray, and Apple Tv after I have selected each device and everything needed has powered up. The only extra pages I need are for an option to push listen and select either my receiver or my Apple TV. I need the remote to basically function the same way without 10 different option's I have to tell someone who is helping me to do because I am disabled and don't want to explain what would look like the world's most difficult maze to turn on my TV and be able to change the channel which would take you or I only second's to figure out because we understand how the software and hardware work together. lol. I am currently running software version 2.5.2. Let me know?





Control4 SR-250 Remote

Control4 wireless wall dimmer

Control4 wireless wall switch

Samsung UN40F6400AF 40" LED Smart TV.

Yamaha RX-A2000 Aventage Receiver

DirecTV HR44 Genie HD DVR

Sony BDP ES DVD/Blu-ray player. Has wireless or Ethernet hookup for wifi. Don't Know exact model#, but it is about 2 year's old.

*Apple TV - Current Black colored version with no hard drive


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I am on the Central Coast of of California by San Luis Obispo, California. My town is Los Osos and area code is 93402. My devices are connected just need them program so I can push watch>Satellite> and have my Tv, stereo, and, tv all power up and go to a a page on my MyHome app to control the satellite. Same scenario with my sony blu-ray and apple tv. So I can just push watch>select either (Blu-ray or Apple Tv and my tv and yamaha stereo power up with with the sxtereo on the correct A/V HDMI setting that each device is plugged into. my new Samsung tv semm's to get in the way so i have to select the tv on my MyHome app and push select on the window the samsung shows the directv playing on!   Real hassle!

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