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Trying to figure out what I can/can't do with Home Edition. If I have my dealer pair a new component (say a thermostat or a dimmer), can I handle the programming of it into the system itself? If I add a new remote or a touch screen, can I do the same?

Overall, what can I/can't I do?

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I am not the one to answer this, BUT I will say that my dealer " Shawn" says that you can do almost EVERYTHING that ComposerPRO can do.............minus add equipment and program loops.

I have not really spent the time to compare them, BUT I have HE and the only thing I want do be able to do that I cant right now..........is to add equipment to my system!


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Hi all,

Just confirming Mitchel's question, if let's say, I have integrated my motorized window bedroom shades into C4, will I be able to program C4, so that next Saturday at 8AM, the shades will go up, along with song X will play on my bedroom?


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