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How to add a Door Bell sound that really works

Troy BAV

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untill ver 1.6 hits the streets you can get a mp3 file to play and then go back to what you were doing. depending on how many rooms you want to disrupt this could become a big program.

Here is the basic structure: when the doorbell is pressed using conditionals set up the sources in the roon you want to play the MP3 in. For example, IF Living Rm selected audio device is digital audio. You would then do it for all the sources in that room, this is where it can get out of control if you do this in a lot of rooms. Next, and this is the secret, add a fake room to the Living Rm session, I used the garage as it has no speakers and wont mess any thing up. You just have to bind an unused audio output to the rooms endpoint. Now pause the Living Rm digital audio. Delay a second just to be safe, then select the new MP3 file to play in your room. Add a delay for as long as you need the file to play. Now add the Living Rm to the Garage session. Send a play command to the digital audio player and you are back to where you started from.

you can watch the now playing list to make sure that its working. I like to use lights flashing in rooms that you might be watching TV in as it is less disruptive and easier to add to the program.

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