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Wanted HC 300/500


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Whats that mean?

Tried Ebay a few times' date=' but I never found a controler on it.[/quote']

There are several HTCs & media controllers on ebay, HC300s show up once in a while too.

Since the HC300s go for very close to their retail value anyway, you may want to contact one of the dealers here, at least the ones that didn't make fun of you for just asking, for a direct sale. Hope this helps.

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I have a HC300 with remote for sale . It is about 4 months old. Like new in the original box. I am changing my Home theater around and a programable remote will be all I will need. $500.00 + shipping will buy it. You guys have first chance before it goes on Audiogon. You can check my feedback on Audiogon under Glenee. I just sold some very expensive Audio gear and all were happy.

Glen Wanzer


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