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Puck dimmer


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Hi guys.  I'd appreciate some help relating to the puck dimmer.


First off, I want to say that I wouldn't dream of touching the electrics in my home - I will leave that to a qualified electrician.


However, I would like to know if it will work before I pay out for an electrician to visit (I am based in London and those guys charge $200 just to come out).


I am looking at the dimmer installation instructions:





I am looking at the wiring in my current light switch - see attachment. 


What you can see there is on the left the LIVE wires (there are two because technically two separate lighting circuits, but they are wired together to act as a single circuit).  I think in the US (and for Control 4) this is what you call the LINE(?)  Then there is the switch and on the right hand side and two wires which run to the lighting circuits.  I think this is what the US calls LOAD (?)


There's no neutral - my dealer says this should be ok as I have incandescent loads.  Lets assume for simplicity that I'm not fitting an external switch to the puck dimmer.


So looking at this, I think it should work - even with no neutral.  I think that the live wires go to line in the puck, and the other wires go to the load.  And that's it. 


That seems quite simple - is that right and will the puck dimmer work in this scenario?


As I mentioned, a pro will fit the dimmer but I just want to make sure it will, in fact, work and that the electrician wires it the right way.  Electricians charge by the hour here and I can see this turning into an expensive job if I haven't done my homework!...


Many thanks in advance.





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