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Universal LED color changes


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Right now I have some code which runs when the alarm changes state and sets all the switch/dimmer LEDs around the house to a color depending on the alarm arm status. It's really handy because it's a ubiquitous visual indicator of whether the alarm is set, but it's very labor intensive to program, and takes several seconds to fully execute.

It would be great to have a universal feature which let me blast the command to all dimmers in the house, or to all dimmers within certain parameters, or in certain rooms, floors, etc. Ideally we'd be able to set them with the same flexibility as currently available, but for a "Universal" or "Group" of switches:


So for either all dimmers in the project or for a particular group I define, I could either set all LEDs to a color, or set all TOPS when ON, or all BOTTOMS when OFF, etc etc.

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i've done it the long way lots of times, found some short cuts by using scenes and custom buttons, works alot better than the long way

Can you elaborate a bit on this? How would you use scenes to change LED colors? How do you use custom buttons?


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