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A couple playlist programming questions


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I set up a playlist and programmed a button on a 6KP to start it up.

First question. I guess there isn't a way to link a playlist directly to a media scene. The only way I could see to do it was to use a wakeup agent. Is there a better way?

Second question. Is there a problem with the toggle media scene command? The reason I ask is I have on button push toggle media scene Mellow Music which is the kitchen zone. I then have an execute of a wakeup that simply plays my playlist with shuffle. When I push the button everything starts up fine but I would have thought that hitting the button again would have toggled the media scene off. It doesn't it just seems to start it all over again with a new random song from the playlist.

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Ok I guess I answered my own question about using the wakeup. I guess I can just select the playlist in the room. Still having the toggle issue but maybe it doesn't work the way I thought. I guess I thought it saved you the steps of checking to see if active or deavtive.

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