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Help, Need Composer


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I have a HTC that I purchased from C4 about a year ago, and recently I had a dealer come and add some dimmers to the system and now I can no longer use composer to change the programming on my HTC. When I bought my HTC I was working for a dealer and I am tech 1 certified but my version of composer is 1.3.1. After the company added the dimmers they must have updated my HTC. The company that I used to work for is no longer in business so I can't get composer from them. I would like to be able to tweak my system but I can't anymore. Any help in obtaining the latest edition of composer or would be much appreciated.




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Sorry Josh... it's commercial software and thus no dealers will give it or sell it.

You'll have to purchase Composer HE at $199.00 to be able to program anything anymore - sorry.


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