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Dynalite integration

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can possibly assist

So, when I add the area preset driver, I want to send the command to the Envision program ( a dummy command) with the area number. How do I do this? When I tried changing area  in the properties page it doesn't show up on the EV program. It sometimes says area 1 ramp up light, or area 3 ramp up light. How do I fix this.

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hi im new here and after i search found this thread about dynalite ,if any of you guys had experienced c4 with dynalite ethernet adapter dmng100bt ,how did u connect to it ? im seein it in the network but in the lua debug i see it can't connect to the adapter ,it says i should connect through port 8008 but the same dynalite adapter is used for remote dynalite programming via different port ,  can it be used in both ports - for the remote programing of dynalite and for c4 control ? 

thank in advance 


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