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Migrating project from MC to HTC


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I remember reading where someone posted a white paper on migrating a project from an MC to HTC. I have a MC, 16ch amp, 2 HTC and 6 MTS and one wireless speaker point. I have Zigbee running on the main floor HTC, the MC is in the equipment room in the basement and I want to move the project to the HTC on the top floor to evenly distribute the load but want to make sure I do it correctly. Am I correct in saying the HTC has more memory and less activity which makes it a good candidate to run the project? Can someone post where this process document is located or provide some tips based on their experience in migrating projects?


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You'd be incorrect... I'd leave the project on the MC - BUT turn off the NAVIGATOR. DIRECTOR & NAVIGATOR are memory and CPU hogs... when both are on at the same time - they slow the box down (MC and HTC). So I suggest, if you want to speed up your project... turning OFF the NAVIGATOR and let it just be the DIRECTOR for your project. If you need another on-screen device - either purchase another HTC or HC-300, or share one between TV's if you have a video switcher. I think you'll be MUCH happier with this solution than moving your project from a MC to an HTC.

FYI - that original white paper was moving a project from an HTC or MC to an HC-300 - which "WOULD" make more sense (as it has more memory and a faster CPU).

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