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Are you referring to this site or the C4 official dealer forum?

When you become a dealer, C4 gives you access to the forum, then from there, respond to Dan's post to get your dealer access here.

What's your dealer name btw?

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Thanks Paul - I get it now...I think!

Correct me if I'm wrong - I have to reply to Dan's post on 'this' forum and provide him with my info from the official dealer forum?

Our dealer name is Glubes Audio Video Unlimited in Dartmouth, NS.

BTW...where exactly are you located - in relation to 'Miss Dorion'? :D;)

Next time I'm home (N.D. Ile-Perrot) I'll look you up.


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Nope, on the official C4 forum, linked from this post: http://c4forums.com/viewtopic.php?id=281 you simply need to follow the link and reply to the post (once on the other forum) with your Login name here on C4forum.com.

Let's just say I can walk to Miss Dorion from here, although I never did stop to look,,, well, I did go once, to fix their cable. ;) (I could'nt wait to leave, trust me)

Welcome aboard!

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