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I've created a program that will intelligently scan for installed ComposerPro software versions and list them, giving you the ability to launch any of the installed versions with a few clicks. Best part? It's free software! I might even release the code as open source even though there's not much to it.

Download: https://www.houselogix.com/shop/composerlauncher



edit: Uploaded a new version 2016/04/09

Enjoy :)

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Uploaded a new 32-bit only version of the program that will check for 64-bit directories. Required .NET framework as a minimum I have reduced to 4.0 which almost everyone should have at this point, and the installer will check for this automatically. You can run any of the listed versions of the ComposerPro software, in addition to refreshing the list, and opening the program folder for the selected version.

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