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Custom Button Problems


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I've got a project with the following

family: HTC, full media system

theater: MC, full media system

master: htc, full media system

4 rooms of audio

Each of the 3 rooms with media systems (TV, cable, receiver, etc.) has a SA 8300HD DVR, so I created a custom button tab for each screen with A, B, C, buttons, Live, button and TV on button, for emitting the proper IR codes.

Each screen was named DVR, and each screen was created for that room only. Things weren't working, and multiple items were showing up on the remote (no touch panel), like two B buttons, etc. I thought maybe having the name DVR for all of them was confusing them (which I thought would have been a horrible programming bug), so I renamed them Master DVR, Family DVR, Theater DVR.

That showed me what the problem was: even though I created the Master DVR tab for the Master bedroom only, it was showing up in the family room on the remote. I delete the Master DVR button tab and while in the family room (remote set to Family), the Theater DVR tab shows. I delete that tab now the Family DVR shows. I create a new screen tab (in any room) and while in the family room it shows that new tab.

By the way, everything is fully updated with the latest firmware.

Any ideas on why this is happening? ...and wasn't the latest update supposed to fix the issue from buttons from other tabs showing up where they shouldn't?

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