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16 Channel Amp - Shorted Output


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Hey All ...


I've got an original version 1 16 channel Amp, that was once rebuilt by C4 (apparently to V2 inside).  I had a massive surge at the house that even with all the surge protection knocked out a significant portion of my electronics, including by B&K HD6 and C4 Media Controller.  I'm on a really old system (1.7.4) and luckily had bought cheap back-up B&K and Media Controller units.  I got those swapped out, and most things working.  My HC-300's survived, although one power supply looks like it is about to go - but I can fix that.

The amp mostly survived, but channels 10 and 14 shorted out.  I didn't have a backup for that.

Question - do the original C4 amps have fuses for each output that are replaceable?  And on a system running 1.7.4, will the newer amp products work?


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