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New & Used Controllers and Remotes (Part 2)


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Bundled with Part 1 for $1600 plus shipping from Toronto Canada.

I have the following new and used product for sale.  I have collected a lot of items and was prepared to install them but I am now going with 2.8 compatible items.

Most of the items are on 1.74 but please don't ask me what the items are on as I have not hooked them up recently and checked,  This is a bundled sale.

1 - C4-RWB7UP Retrofit Kit (New)

3 - C4-TSWM7-EG-B (New)

1 - C4-TSWM7-EG-B (Used) with retro kit

1 - TSE-3.8-C2-W (New)

1 - TSE-3.8-C2-W (Used) with retro kit

Will upload photos later on when I allowed to.

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