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HC-300 Unresponsive to IR


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I am trying to control an HC-300 using a Pronto TSU-7000 remote. I have been searching the forum for several days and can't find any answers. I did find the IR control codes published by Cytexone, downloaded the files from the C4Forum File Library and have loaded the ccf(s) into my Pronto. I have tried all 16 masks, but can not get any of them to actually get the HC-300 to respond to any of the buttons in any of the masks. Clearly, I am doing something wrong. Is there a configuration setting in Composer that needs to be turned on for the HC-300 to respond to IR or do I need to plug an IR listener in somewhere? The user manual indicates that there is a front panel sensor input on the HC-300, although I can't see exactly where it is located. I am using Composer Version 1.3.2. I hate to ask such a dumb question, but I am running out of ideas and places to look. Reading the posts, it's obvious that many others have been able to get their HCs to work fine with Prontos and other universals, so I must be overlooking something. Thanks for any reply! :/

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