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Hello, I thought I'd give myself a little intro here. I worked for a Control 4 dealer a ways back (C4 early days). I ended up leaving that dealer and became an independent designer/programmer. About a year ago, I co-founded BitWise Controls. We're making some IP-enabled control system peripheral devices, the first of which is the BitWise Controls BC4. It's a small PoE enabled enclosure which has an on-board temperature sensor, and accepts various expansion modules with different hardware configurations. The first available module is the BCX-1, which has GPIO, Relays, RS232, and route-able IR with a massive on-board IR library. We're working with a number of integration partners to develop BC4 support, and I'm also looking at creating a DriverWorks driver for it. I thought it might be useful for adding some remote hardware IO, especially for those dealers who like to distribute a single navigator output to multiple display locations. Anyway, I guess I'm trying to determine what the response among C4 dealers is, so I know how to prioritize the development effort. Any feedback would be appreciated. (I hope this isn't inappropriate, if it is I'll gladly remove this post)



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