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Anyone in the DMV area?

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I'm looking for assistance with my set up.  Everything is installed and up and running but the remote services provided by a few people I reached out to from this forum arent working for me.  I have tried two guys that seem so busy, that they just dont have the time whenever I need something to even answer simple email questions. Then I spend money for them to make small changes, updates, etc., and never really get the final product I am looking for. Its a bit annoying and I understand most remote users have day jobs, so I figured maybe I can work with someone more local.  Anyone in the DMV area?  

Also, I really would like to see if I could become a remote integrator.  I am looking to take some classes but not sure if its worth it if I cant get my own software. I have an AV background, and also very tech savy. Any advice on that would also be appreciated. 

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