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I have been using a GeoVision security setup running on a PC that uses analog cameras.  I have a 13 image layout where 1 of the images is largest in the upper left hand corner.  When an even is triggered (door opens), then the driver into the GeoVision PC allows me to change it to camera 02 (front door) whereby that image appears in the largest box.  I love this setup because when we hear an announcement of a door opening, we can very quickly focus on the larger image to observe the movement.  The full screen image of all the cameras can be slung to any TV and are usually running in the main rooms.

However, it's time to upgrade to higher resolution camera using POE.  Could it be that the Lillin and QNAP are the only NVR drivers developed for Control4?  I have not been able to confirm the ability to control their NVR's in a similar fashion to the old Geovision.  I find it hard to believe.  My 2 key requirements are to be able to have the C4 driver:

1. Change the view (4, 12, 16 etc)

2. Within any view where there is a larger image, ability to select that camera whereby that image pops into the largest screen.  

I have 2 large installs for my house and my moms house and would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

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Blue iris all the way!!

Houselogix sells the driver and even hardware if you need. Depends on he amount of cameras needed. YouTube has a few videos of some pretty neat options like overlays for keypads and turning a light on by tapping on the grid over a light on a static camera. It is very inexpensive and completely the best option for usability and compatibility with many different camera types and manufacturers.

Sorry for the run on sentences. Hope this helps.

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