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i have a sony kf-60xbr800 hooked up to a HC300 via control S on the sony and IR 2 on the C4. The driver is tweeked for 5v peak to peak and the carrier stripped. The cable is a 1/8 mono on both ends. is there anything else necessary to get this to work ? C4 logging indicates the IR codes are being sent.

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Ok. Odd but I think I figured this out.

1) I reverted to Keeping the carrier and removed the +5v peak to peak.

2) I Replaced the RadioShack mono-mono cable with one that I made up.

3) At this point I noticed when testing the driver if I hit the command button 2-3 times I would get the TV to respond

4) I changed the IR repeat count for all the IR commands associated with the driver from 5 to 3, and this seems to work reliably

5) I went back to the RadioShack mono-mono cable and could not get it to work so I went back to the shop built cable. I haven't done an autopsy on the RS cable yet but it's odd that it does NOT work. The shop built cable is nothing fancy (eg. no reversing of wires) ...????


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