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Cat5 with RCA Problems can MuxLax 500050 fix


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I see where you posted on the c4forums about using the cat5 component baluns from muxlab. I have a situation for a client that I think we need to use these and not sure which are the best for the $$$. Calrad also has them too but I don't hear many installers using them. For a price point of 180 for 2 or the muxlax baluns is not bad. I noticed the Calrad ones are about 125 a pair. Not a lot of difference but could be when you need 8 pairs. Anyway one of the situations we have is a project in the ceiling with 2 cat5 and 2 coax and we need to control it and have hd signal. From the Control4 media controller we want to control the projector via i/r and pass the component signal via cat5. What is strange is that I have a Sony ES Receiver hooked to a Sony 777 and a Direct TV HD box. I have terminated the cat5 with rca plugs on both ends and hooked them up to projector and the sony receiver component out. The Direct TV HD box is hooked up on the TV/SAT component in on the Sony

Receiver, and the Sony 777 is on the Component Out and Receiver DVD Component In.

Now if all that make since. Listen to this. If I turn the sony receiver to watch SAT/TV and the Direct TV is broadcasting 1080p perfect picture. When I change the picture to 480p normal channel all I see is a blue screen. When I turn the receiver to watch a DVD I still get a blue screen. I had all this hooked up without the 30' run of cat5 utp just 6' component cables and no problems.

Why does this cat5 play the HD signal over ca5 but not anything less. Will the 500050 MuxLab balun take care of this problem.

Anyway very strange. I'm sure it has something to do with the impedance of the cable.

How can I get the IR signal over there via cat5 or should I use one of the rg6 do extend the ir signal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, really trying to come over two hurdles here. Control4 and HD over cat5.



Kevin Wray

Kraven Smart Homes, Inc.

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Hi Kevin

The best pricing I have found on the Muxlab components are from Svideo.com. Here is a link to the Component Video Version of it.


In addition to Component Video Output they have a Digital SPDIF audio output which you can use for IR or just use one of the other wires you have there for IR (Cat5 or Coax)

These things work great, the only problem I have found with them is sometimes grounding is a bit funky. Sometimes the screens flicker when using these so we hooked the grounds from both circuits together and it solved the problem instantly.

We have these deployed on numerous installs and they work great.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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