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Automated CD & DVD Ripping Robot (or Service)


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We are doing a large Control4 push, so I wanted to let this group know what we are doing. Moondog Digital recently released RoboStation v3.0, so if you are loading CDs and DVDs one at a time - you don't have to any more.

RoboStation Software Overview:

CD Ripping

-MP3 Encoding (96 » 320 kbps) - Constant and Variable Bit Rate Options

-WAV Encoding (Request format too)

-FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) Encoding

-AMG Information and Cover art

-Automated data grooming via Collectionization

DVD Processing - allows for any disc media to be converted via third party tools

-AMG Information and Cover art

-NEW! Configuration Presets for:

---Window MCE



---AnyDVD VOB - "Rip to Hard Drive"

---AnyDVD ISO - "Rip to Image"

More Information:

Here is the full overview and purchase information: http://www.moondogdigital.com/ripping.html

User Guide Control4 Home Controller: http://www.moondogdigital.com/Control4_Media_Controller_Instructions.pdf

CD Ripping Services:

We do operate a service company for dealers that want nothing to do with ripping. Details: http://www.moondogdigital.com/installers.html

Moondog Digital has a long history with Control4 and we plan to continue it! Thanks for reading!


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