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Problems with Onkyo receiver


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Hey, I'm working with an Onkyo receiver TX-RZ900 but I cant turn on in Control4.

I set the receive hardware like Documentation's driver said. But nothing works!! 


The problem:

onkyo does not turn on.

If receiver is on, the C4 app works perfectly with my Onkyo. I can control 

After turned off, I can see the standby light.

In composer my receiver's driver is offline when I turn off the room even if there is standby light on device

I'm working with connection tcp ip


Thanks for the attention

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Did you follow the driver documentation properly? How is the Onkyo id'd? Do you have a Mac reservation on the router for the onkyo? If all seems well on driver properties and within the onkyo settings...

If it's a multizone receiver try the device specific commands in programming actions to turn zone 1 on for instance. If that works you can setup conditionals on room audio/video state change to power on zone 1 based on room source selection. You don't want to just add when room video selection changes, power on zone 1; because a room off is a video selection change.

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