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Dimmers in a 3 Way setup


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C4 dimmers can be used in a 3-way setup. You would use 2 button or 3 button keypads as the additional slave switches. It is not wired like a traditional 3-way switch that your electrician would be familiar with. There are several examples of how to wire the dimmers for 3-way operation included with each dimmer. These examples are very clear and are far better instruction that me trying to explain how to connect everything.

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The way we did ours (and I think the standard practice) is that any load only has one hardwired switch, and then as many additional controllers as you'd like. There's no traveler wire between them, all the additional switch needs is 110V power (like an outlet would).

So pick the location you'd like to have hardwired. This is the one that would control the light in the (very rare) instance that your Control4 system went down. Any other place you'd like to control it just make sure you put a 2-button, 3-button or 6-button keypad.


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