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Volume Control Levels


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We have 3 rooms setup with distributed audio coming from the C4 amp and everything works fine except the volume control for all devices, excpet audio off the MC, have a very low volume level. The digital audio off of the MC can be played at a normal max volume level but all other audio (CD/Tuner/TV) appears to stop about half way.

Is there something I am not configuring properly in Composer?


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I would recommend stepping through the front panel of the C4 amp. When you turn up the volume for a particular room, check out what the volume is doing. This will tell you if the volume is actually stopping half-way or something to that effect.

You can also setup a -6dB attenuation on each input. Consider doing that for the input from the MC. This may bring the audio sources closer.

Other than these, nothing immediately jumps to mind. I guess if you have some form of amp, you could always plug the sources into it and check how "hot" the sources are in comparison.

Let us know how you go.

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