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Connecting a 4 inp relay to two 3 input C4 relay inputs PLEASE HELP


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I think you would need to use three relays. I'm not sure if it will work but in my mind it does.

Here is a high quality image.

----- Relay 2

Relay 1 ---|

----- Relay 3

You would have three states

Contact A on

Contact B on

Both On

and Off

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Thanks but I am a little fuzzy on what you are saying. I know they have a driver written for dual relay which if I am not mistaken is exactly what is designed for this app. you sare the common over both relays and then you are left with two opens and two closes and three wires an up wire down wire and a stop wire. So i need to fiqure out which of the following wires go where. I am trying all combos now so I update if I fiqure it out

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