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C4 and Rovio


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How does someone create a driver for C4 if they're a customer? Can I become a C4 partner in some way?

I've got a Rovio camera, I'd love when my alarm trips for C4 to initiate a Rovio "Roam" - Rovio can save different "paths" and you can initiate Rovio to drive these paths via it's web interface. Rovio also has an extensive API, and telling it to drive the path via the API is dead easy. My idea involves programming Rovio to know paths based on certain alarm sensors such as:


Living Room


When the alarm trips C4 starts an action to email me, but I would also want it to tell Rovio to go to the room where the alarm was tripped and start recording video. Effectively a robotic watch dog.

The API for Rovio, if I can't write it, perhaps someone at C4 that's a big geek like me will!



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I thought C4 had an API for 3rd party developers. I have no problem buying the API and writing a 3rd party tie into C4 for something like Rovio.

As slemay said the driver SDK is not available. Even if you had it you would still need Composer Pro to load the driver into the system.

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