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Thermostat outdoor temperature variable


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My goal is to be able to know what the temperature is outside so I can program my system to turn on my whole house fan if the inside temperature is above a set limit and the outside temperature is less than the inside temperature.

The CCZ-T1 tstat has a property called OUTDOOR_TEMPERATURE that I want to make use of. I bought a Aprilaire 8051 sensor and connected it to the two TS terminals thinking it would set the OUTDOOR_TEMPERATURE variable to the temperature read by the 8051 sensor, but it always reads zero. To test that the 8051 works I changed by tstat to use the remote temperature sensor and the tstat reports a slightly different temperature when I do, so I know the 8051 works but again, the goal is to have the tstat measure the inside temperature and the remote sensor to provide the outside temperature.

How do I get the CCZ-T1 OUTDOOR_TEMPERATURE variable to report the outside temperature?


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Ok, thanks for the reply. I'm confused then about the OUTDOOR_TEMPERATURE variable. Is it that the variable is there for potential future use but it is currently unusable or is there some other way that the C4 tstat can obtain the outside temperature?

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