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Another Thermostat Question - Zoning Compatibility


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I just separated my upstairs system into two zones. At the same time I introduced a C4 thermostat. It is wired with 24v to the R terminal. The system simply does not respond to air temperature changes on Auto. When I manually jack up the temp on HEAT, it will attempt to kick on the furnace, usually does, but then flickers and resets itself to the program temperature. The system makes no attempt to start the air conditioner.

Upon testing, we found the system is bleeding voltage to the other terminals to the tune of 20v. The question arose as to whether the C4 Tstat has isolated relays. That's way beyond my league.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated.


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I have questions on using a common wire. The specs specifically state the use of a common wire is not supported. How does providing the 24v to the r-terminals differ from providing power (that must then be transformed, right?) via a common wire?

How would one configure the dip switches to prevent powerstealing?


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