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We are now finished with the whole system ...............:)

And it is up and runnig very well..........:D

Level 1:

Main Room: (A/V zone 1)

1 HC 300

1 HC 200

1 LCBR 8 source 6zone Video hub

1 netgear 16 port switch (8POE)

1 Satelite decoder

1 Netgear EVA 8000

1 Scart to Componant converter

1 Composite to componant converter

2 UPS Power Backups

1 NAS Drive

1 Wireless Router

1 C4 4zone AMP

1 Sony 46" LCD

1 Yamaha Surround bar

1 Componant Wall Plate

1 Axis 240Q Video Server

1 Media PC (Running DVR Software to record all my cameras)

Kitchen: (A/V zone 2)

1 22" LCD

1 Componant Wall Plate

Dining Room: (Audio only )

1 Pair in Ceiling Speakers (from C4 amp)

1 Dimmer

Patio : ( Audio only)

1 Pair in Ceiling Speakers (from C4 amp)

Formal Lounge: (Audio only)

1 Pair in Ceiling Speakers (from C4 amp)

Guest Bedroom: ( A/V zone3)

1 Sony TV

1 Componant Wall Plate


1 4" In Wall Touch Screen

1 Dimmer

1 CCTV PTZ Camera

Outside the House:

3 Panasonic POE IP Cameras

4 CCTV Camers (connected to Axis 240Q)

Level 2:

Gym: (A/V zone 4)

1 Samsung LCD

1 Componant Wall Plate

Main Bedroom: ( A/V zone 5)

1 Sony LCD

1 Componant Wall Plate

1 C4 V2 Remote

Theatre Room: ( A/V zone 6)

1 Componant Wall Plate

1 Samsung LCD

1 HC 200

1 Network Switch

1 Wireless Access Point

1 Sony A/V Reciever

1 UPS Power Backup

1 7.1 Monitor Audio Speaker System

1 3 Button keypad (to control my two dimmers)

2 Dimmers

Top Passage:

1 C4 Switch

Top Bathroom:

1 C4 Motion sensor

2 Dimmers

1 C4 Switch

1 6 Button keypad ( to control Bathroom entrance light, bathroom light, passage light and the switch for the heated towl rail)

NOTE: We have also connected the internal house alarm system to Control4, that alows the client to arm / disarm the alarm from anywhere in the house. The other benefit of doing this is that all the alarm passives can be programed to trigger lights and or certain activities. For example after dark if you walk into the house the lights will automaticly switch on in the area that movement is detected, and then switch off after an allocated time.

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i put a network switch in there because i only have 3 cat5 cables in there wich was pulled in during the constuction of the house, and only after they were in they said they wanted to have wireless network there aswell, so i was in need of more network points there. the NAS i am using is a D-Link with a Seagate SATA HDD. The UPS im using is 2x APC 650VA in the main room and 1x black knight 1500VA in the theatre room.

i hope this is the answers you were looking for, if not feel free to ask some more.

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