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Coolest Tricks for a Showroom Floor


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I am in the process of setting up my first large Control 4 system for my showroom. Let me tell you what pieces I am installing and if anyone has any suggestions, as well as stories of different things or cool tricks.

Hearth Room with Kitchen-

HTC, 50"Pioneer Elite Plasma, 92"Stewart Motorized Retractable Screen, Runco CL810 on a lift that ascends into ceiling, B&K AVR507, Paradigm Studio Series 5.1 Surround system with Servo 15" sub, 17" Samsung LCD on Counter, Undercabinet 9" Sony W/DVD, internet based Samsung Fridge, Mini-Touch, Lutron Lighting, Ceiling speakers for kitchen area

(Dual video Display with screen and projector lift on relays that have a plasma behind screen, only seen when screen is raised, unseen when not used)

Family Room-

60" LCDRP Sony, Denon AVR2106, Denon DVD1920, Klipsch Reference Speakers, Lutron Lighting, HTC


110" Stewart Deluxe 2- way Masking Screen, Runco VX4000, Krell Showcase 7.1 channel and and Preamp, Monster HTS7100 and AVS2000, Krell Showcase DVD, Klipsch THX 7.1 speaker/dual sub system, d-box motion simulated platform with 2 chairs, HDTV DirecTV by Samsung, HTC, Alcove, and step colored LED Lighting that's controller with C4. 2 row heater seeting by Jaymar of Canada

(Masking Screen used for Widescreen movies that are 2.35:1 and 16x9 when mask is fully raised)

MEL-Samsung HDTV DirecTV, Yamaha DVD (single 575 black), Sony 777ES, Media Controller. 8x3 Flash Matrix, XBOX360, Roku, Elan Z880, Control4 8 channel Amp with matrix switcher.

(Flash Matrix is distributing the XBOX360, Roku, Sat, Media Controller, 777ES, and single disc Yamaha DVD) (Analog Audio run to 8 Channel Stereo amp. MC hooked to AMP)

Dining-50" plasma with a pair of in-wall speakers, B/W Keypad

Outside Bathroom-Two Way Mirror with 15" Sharp LCD behind, Mini Touch, Paradigm DVC Ceiling Speaker

Show Room-Speakers in Garden, on Patio, 10.5 Touchscreen In Wall Speaker Discplay with Keypad and Wi-fi Speaker-Point.

Everything is on a Static IP, MC is master, All HTC's are slaves

Sorry for so long. I just though it would be cool to see what others have done and what's the coolest trick you did with Control 4. Better yet, explain how.

Once done, I will share pics of the store if anyone is interested. The store lighting is sweet. It's all low voltage lighting controlled by Lutron. That will be my next big project. I don't want to tear out a very expensive, and sweet, Lutron system throughout the store. I want to integrate it into the C4. But first I must get the store setup, C4-wise and get all the conrol working.

Today I finished all the physical connections, then started to set my rooms up in the software, add all the C4 product, put everything on static IP, then identify all the product.

Next, I start adding components and working on the bindings in Composer.

Oh, and I added our store logo and it looks cool.

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