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Hello Everyone,

I was looking for some recommendations on projectors. We have a customer that has an existing theater where the projector is about 18-20 feet from the screen. We want it to be high definition, and something that has a really nice resolution. The room is about 22 x 16.

Can some of you please provide some recommendations of Brands and Models

Thanks so much


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I'm a dealer with InFocus and really like their products. They have several that might fit the bill. I have used the 4805 which is DLP EDTV in tons of home theaters where people aren't necessarily looking for high def, the picture is clear and the colors are great too. The 5000 is 720p, but an LCD it looks good but I have had a person of two tell me they get the screen door effect when they look at it. The 5700 is 570p, technically still hd according to some people... but it is DLP which seems to be a nice bonus. To get 1080p you would have to jump up to the 7200 series... They have also just announced a new line of "Play Big" projectors which have a new look to them. Overall I have really been impressed with InFocus. They also offer some nice rebates every once in a while to end users. Just a thought.


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For 720p resolution try these

1. Optoma HD72 (1280x768)

2. Panasonic PT-AE900U (1280x720)

3. BenQ PE8720 (1280x720)

For 1080p

1. Sony VPL-VW100 (1920x1080)

2. Digital Projection dVision 1080p (1920x1080)

3. Optoma HD81 (1920x1080

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