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Nuvo Grand Concerto Driver


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I have a relatively new C4 install that is working very well except for the whole house audio. The driver binds 3 zones together for no appearent reason and all of the volume moves up at the same time. Further, the driver does not like to have idfferent inputs for each zone going at the same time. I can override all of this with the GC keypads, but I would rather use my C4 remotes or GUIs.

The driver I am using is from the C4 driver base. The GC is working fine and I can even unplug the c4 DB9 cable and control it from my PC without any issues.

Any thoughts?

My C4 is

1 HC 300

4 HC 200

4 "new" remotes

Nuvo GC with 6 zones

4 independant HD digital surround zones

2 HD stereo AV zones with sound through the Nuvo Zones

Logitech SB

Shinybow Matrix Switch

B&B RS-232 ethernet hub


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