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March is around the corner...


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I was actually just thinking about this today. I heard this was such a major version it may even be called 2.0.

I don't want to get myself too worked up for dissapointment so I'm just sticking with the idea that it will speed up room changing and fix some bugs.

Here are a couple of my dreams

UI Modification

Web Interface

Video-enabled Touchscreens

Intercom-enabled Touchscreens

Customizable System Remote

Windows Control4 Emulator

Tons more but these would be rediculously awesome (if that is a legitamate adjective).


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Guest Jim Gist

Hey guys,

1.2.4.x is being tested now and should be release in the next week or so. It fixes serveral little issues in 1.2

1.3.x has started to test and has a ton of cool features plus a big speed improvment.

I've ask Jeff Thomas our product manager to chime in.

Thanks for the support!

Jim Gist

VP - Corporate Sales

PS - Sorry I've been out of pocket! I've been on the road non-stop!

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As Jim indicates, we are finalizing 1.2.4. It is a maintenance release and resolves defects reported by dealers/customers and ranked as most significant by our Tech Support guys. We hope to get it out this week. We'll publicize its availability at the dealer web site.

1.3 is a feature release and is in internal testing. We've got a lot of ground to cover before we release - so I don't want to set any expectations about the timeline. I can say it won't be available in March. Also, Dan, great dream list ;). Just to set your expectation correctly - they won't be in 1.3. But, they are all registered as enhancements and under discussion for future releases.

-Eldon Greenwood

Product Manager, Control 4

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