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Recessed downlights with tunable white (HALO, Hue and Control4)


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I'm building a new construction home and I'd like to be able to have tunable white recessed lights in a few of the rooms.  Basically, brighter/hotter white in the morning and the ability to make it warmer in the evening hours.  I've found a couple cans that have the ability through their own app, and both are Zigbee.  The first is HALO:


These do what I want via the HALO app, but I'm wondering if they integrate with control 4.  In particular, it says you cannot use an in-wall dimmer switch with these, which I assume is because the lights need to be always on for you to be able to tune the white.  My question then is if the Control4 switches have this always on capability, so they aren't like standard dimmer switches.

The second option is just the Philips Hue recessed downlights.  https://www.philips-hue.com/en-us/p/hue-white-ambiance-downlight-5-6-inch/046677578527?origin=p69279316211&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnP-ZBhDiARIsAH3FSRdVv2F3Ylq-HBZC4LnSZgrmZw514QXxGf3f72k2Etrs_LEsWjmpPmAaAvFVEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

I know that Hue talks to Control 4, but Hue also says not to use dimmer switches with Hue bulbs.  But, can you use a Control 4 dimmer, which is basically just talking to the light wirelessly?

This is all pretty complicated and I'm a little annoyed I can't just talk to somebody at C4 (or HALO or Hue) that can answer the question directly.  There's a lot of technology out there and it is really unclear what works with what, so any help is appreciated!!

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