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Control 4 remote control cannot control skyq


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Morning all,

Looking for some ideas.

We were undertaking a mesh network with new Deco's via a SKY Hub that the previous people had left the data rack and other items just working off WIFI not hard wired and left the SKY network showing (probably for the SKY Mini access point mode) and the main reason we were doing this is to try and resolve a comms issue with the heating system due to congested 2.4ghz and Heatmiser technical stated the channel is too congested. Before i digress , the issue at the moment is that Control 4 is all in the data rack and all we have done is connect a Cat6 into the ethernet switch via our DECO and we read we had to leave it in bridge/access mode so it isnt getting confused with 2x networks and removed their other access point. The control 4 internal screen has DHCP and IP address and Apple Tv work but sky would not transmit through the matrix via CAT6 to balun for TV for the two sky q mini boxes. We temp installed one of the old access points and SKY displayed the screen and infra red is working on Control 4 remote for Apple TV and turning the TV on and off but cannot actually scroll through channels. We can see its got to be an IP issue but dont have a lot of info and i had to break the password for the old access points so i can see what used to be connected and will look into this further on Monday to see if i can see the IP addresses. The SKY Q mini boxes did have a set address when i logged into the SKY router.

Any tips from Control 4 people or worse case any volunters for remote access if we can solve it paid of course.


Many thanks for reading

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