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FS - Luxul Wifi System - Rock Solid


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I just upgraded my own system to Ruckus, and am offloading my prior Luxul System. System is rock solid and really never let me down. The reason I upgraded had to do with wanting a wifi 6 system.

The system includes the following items (all great condition/look brand new, other than the outdoor AP, which is great, but is simply weather faded):

  • Two (2) Luxul XAP-1510 Access Points 
  • One (1) Outdoor XAP 1440 Access Point
  • One (1) XWC-1000 Wireless Controller
  • One (1) ABR 4500 Epic 4 Gigabit Router

$750 for everything (I think that's reasonable, but if you feel differently, feel free to let me know and make an offer, provided it's reasonable). I'll consider selling the pieces individually, but prefer to sell everything together, as the systems works best that way.



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