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Wireless HD


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This chip company seems to be setting the pace in this exciting area.

Don't know much about them but they are getting a lot of interest from the TV manufacturers it seems.

This is from Panasonic:

Wireless Full 1080p HD 3D Connectivity - At CES 2009, Panasonic announced the Plasma Display "Z series" which includes a wireless transmittance module based on the standard "Wireless HD 1.0".

At this year's CES 2010, the wireless 1080p Full HD 3D transmission system being introduced represents an evolution of current Wireless HD which can transmit uncompressed 1080p Full HD 3D signals standardized by the Blu-ray Disc Association. Panasonic plans to accelerate the process of standardization of uncompressed 1080p Full HD 3D signal transmission for next generation Wireless HD using this technology.

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