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room off idea


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Discussed this with Samer, and slemay on IRC.

Room off - currently it shuts off all controllable devices in room and leaves lights on. This is available and works great.


All off - shuts off all controllable devices + lights. This is not available. This would speed up programming time if available in composer.

[20:39] <Samer> you can detect rooom off events, and have the system dim or turn off the lights accordingly.

[20:39] <TLM> Samer - I know... I do it already... just I never used the ROOM OFF command before - figured I'd give it a try to make some shortcuts in the programming - and it still didn't do it all... just an assumption I made I guess... ROOM OFF means everything - at least in my book

[20:39] <Samer> I thought it was a good idea not to turn off the lights.

[20:39] <Samer> last thing you want to do is having people tripping over cos there are no lights

[20:40] <aslezak> i see both sides - it can be argued both ways now that you guys mention it

[20:40] <aslezak> so maybe a "room off + lights" function should be created

[20:40] <TLM> true - I see your side too

[20:40] <TLM> yup - it would just make an "ALL OFF" option easy...

[20:41] <Samer> agreed

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