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One thing that I would LOVE to see "fixed" in 1.3 is changing from System Design view to Connections view. I can't tell you how many times I'm working on a project in Connections view, then switch to System Design view and add the next device or make some change and then stop and realize that I'm not working in the same room because Composer doesn't keep you on the same room between views.

Of course we all want the ability to print out the programming to a text file.

...and is it just me or does Composer not save your changes to the visual interface? I seem to always have to drag the "screen views" section on the bottom left down to show only as icons.

It would be nice if when a device or room is currently selected, that hitting the F2 key (typically and Edit key) would allow you to rename the selected item.

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I think in the programming tab you should be able to SELECT MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS and then be able to COPY, CUT, and PASTE them. I think that is very important. Hell, add the copy and paste option to EVERY part of the programming. Also, the option to copy the custom button for one room and paste it in another. (It's a pain to have to re-name and re-program each button)

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