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Problem on Composer Home Edition when creating an announcement


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I'm creating a new announcement and adding 5 rooms that will have it played when selected.

I use a 15' PC laptop running Windows XP and I can't seem to be able to go to the 5th room to setup it up, such as setting a startup volume, as this 5th room comes in a second line on the screen that I cannot access - tried pressing the down key or using the mouse and it won't take me to the bottom of the screen.

I'm I missing something here?

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^I second that henniae

I went in and faked an announcement to see what happened.. Mine shows a full 5 rooms and a scroll down to get to more.

Maybe your overall screen resolution is set too low to display the whole, or larger window???

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henniae, thanks for the tip.

Dragging the agent vertical bar to the left made the scroll bar appear.

It's interesting that if you drag this same bar to the right, there is a point where the scroll bar disappears

Sounds like a bug to me.

I only have 3 rooms that I can add. When I make the left window very wide I see the same problem, no scroll bar.

More of a cosmetic bug.

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