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Lighting/time/alarm system interaction

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I have added some cool actions to my system, however I am having problems with one...If anyone has some ideas that would be great...here is what I want to do:

When back door opens

-If security system is armed away

-If security system is armed stay

-if it is dark outside (needs to connect with surise/sunset time)

Then turn kitchen light to 50%

I am not able to locate in composer HE where I can link the surise/sunset time.

Also I have tried to use the "if security system is armed away =true" but every time I opened the back door even is security system is not armed the light would turn on.

Any ideas?????

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This is with 1.7.4:

- Programming (obviously)

- In the Actions pane choose "Scheduler"

- In the Scheduler Actions pane choose the "Conditionals" tab

- Last radio button is "Night time"

Drag the "If time is night time" action into the Script pane and you're on your way!

I also have an "If time is within 20 minutes before sunset" condition that runs the same code as "If time is night time" (duplicated code within the two "if" conditions). Check the "Within" radio button just above the "Night time" option.


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Make sure you nest your commands.

? If security armed to stay

? if night time

->turn on kitchen lights 50%

you nest by dragging the next line of code on top of previous ?

This way all conditionals have to be met to execute command.

If you're program looks like you're example above ( all in one straight line) then the kitchen lights will always turn on regardless of alarm state.

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