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Heat Related Problems


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Has anyone experienced any heat related problems with Control4 equipment when it is in an enclosed area? We have a Control4 Amp and Switch that are in the same enclosed cabinet and the AMP is exhibiting random volume level control issues. One day it will work fine, then the other day the audio going to one of the rooms will not work as it did the day before...

When you open up this bookshelf cabinet it is extremely hot with very little air flow. We are working on moving the equipment or making a few holes for the air to escape but I was wondering if anyone else experienced any problems with this equipment in general due to heat and if so what were the symptoms?


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We don't let our equipment get hot - we vent in our planning / design. If it's in an enclosed rack - we put in an Ultra Quite Fan Panel from Middle Atlantic (http://www.middleatlantic.com/rackac/cooling/uqfp.htm) at the top of the rack and a vent on the bottom of the rack (cold air enters through the bottom, exits out the top). Then in the rack setup itself - the hottest equipment ALWAYS goes on top (just down from the fan) - this way it won't heat up the other equipment (remember heat rises, cold air drops). Hope this helps,


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