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I know this is off topic, but I'm hoping that since everyone has been so good with the C4 stuff, that I could pick your brains on this, just this once:

I have a Speakercraft MZC going into a Clubhouse with 6 Zones, and I have an additional amplifier to help power the speakers that the MZC cannot - 40 speakers in total. I can run 24 of them on the MZC, and the remainder will be on the Rotel Amp that my sales person sold. It's only for background audio, nothing other than a CD player. My question is - Is there a way that I need to wire the MZC and the Amp so that if possible, I can add a second source to the mix? I.E., instead of just running line level out of the MZC into the amp on one source output, could I do 2 at some point, or would I need a matrix amp at that point? Thanks guys/gals.

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